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For some Balance Following all the 'Fake News'...

Posted 105 weeks ago (25/06) by Theresa Goss

...please see below Parish Councillor Ann Lyons' letter to the Editor of the Banbury Guardian.


Editor Banbury Guardian


As an elected member of Adderbury Parish Council, of many years standing, I have read with interest the various letters and articles recently published by the Banbury Guardian.

I am one of the four current Parish Councillors who happen to live in West Adderbury.  I have a rather old fashioned view that I was elected to represent Adderbury as a whole, and not just selected parts of the village.

I found the timing of the request for a Governance Review appalling, this country is in the midst of the worst crisis since the Second World War and this small group thought it was appropriate to take this action.

I say small group and that is what it is, on their own figures they state they have two hundred members out of a possible seven hundred and fifty. How does that give them the right to state that they speak on behalf of West Adderbury? If they are saying that two hundred parishioners want a separate Parish Council then that means that five hundred and fifty either do not want this or are not aware of this request to Cherwell District Council.

Their membership numbers also raise questions about the percentages they quote in their letter to the Banbury Guardian, if they only have two hundred members how can they state that 93% of West Adderbury think that the planned new Community Centre and sports facilities on the Milton Road will not meet their needs. I suspect they mean 93% of their members think this. As Mark Twain famously said, “lies, damned lies and statistics” or in this case percentages.

We are lucky to live in a wonderful vibrant village, there are so many activities on offer, from Morris Men, Adderbury Theatre Workshop, Voices Across Time to name just a few. We could have suffered the fate of many villages and just become a “dormitory village” but we haven’t, and this is down to all of us working together now and into the future.

All of these villagers deserve an up to date centre with adequate room for their performances, rehearsal s and practice. Our existing venues are too small and outdated with inadequate parking.

There are also the proposed sports facilities for villagers of all ages.

One final point, which might sound trivial but I happen to think important.

As an elected Parish Councillor my name, quite rightly is in the public domain.

WARA provide no names, just a generic signature of WARA Committee. Are they not willing to let the rest of the village know who they are?


Ann Lyons,

Parish Councillor Adderbury


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