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Councillors >Ann Lyons

We moved to Adderbury as a family in 1986 all the way from Banbury, so we are of course still foreigners in the village. I have been a Parish Councillor for over twenty years and have seen many changes in the village in that time. I have worked alongside many Adderburians, including Rhoda Woodward, John Harper, Keith Mitchell to name just a few previous Parish Councillors. I have a background in Local Government which can be quite helpful at times, I also worked in the real world! I ​was Chair of the Civilian Committe of 1460 (Banbury) Sqdn Air Training Corps for many years and still keep in touch with them. I have been a Marshall for Katherine House for every one of their midnight walks including last years midday walk, on that occasion i was accompanied by my grandson. I also assist with enforcing the road closure for the Day of Dance, reasons given for why they should be allowed through are very inventive. There are a lot of I's in this report but as any Parish Councillor will tell you the whole family tends to be dragged in to help out, whether its helping neighbours with sandbags or manning the road closures. I feel that this sums up the values of a Parish Council, we are here to do our best for the village to the best of our abilities.
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