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FOSMA/PTFA Cookery Book

Posted 86 weeks ago (02/11) by

Food for Thought - We can all agree that the pandemic has been and is pretty awful for many people and it is hard to find much good to come out of it.  In fact, at a recent FOSMA team meeting, the only positive anyone could think of was that more of us are learning to cook in different ways because we are spending more time at home. 

Actually, that was a bit of a lightbulb moment. Why not create an Adderbury 2020 cookbook and share what we have learned with others?

Turns out just down the road Christopher Rawlins PTFA were having a similar sort of conversation. Why not create a family friendly cookbook which will give parents useful suggestions around how to make food that children can enjoy and perhaps help to make? It seems great minds are at work across the village and the PTFA are going to create a recipe book too.

However, both FOSMA and the PTFA need your help. 

If you would like to share a favourite recipe which will delight the tastebuds of your friends and family please could you email or of FOSMA with the details?  But if you can suggest something which children might enjoy making or which will be particularly effective at keeping them occupied on a rainy day, please could you get in touch with PTFA on email Also please note, the editorial deadline is November 15th.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could produce two cookery books both, in different ways, giving us lasting records of a most peculiar year?

 We both hope to be published and selling by Christmas – a double whammy from the stocking filler point of view and we hope you can support us with this project.


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