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Adderbury Speedwatch

Posted 107 weeks ago (07/06) by

The Parish Council is sure you’ve heard of Crimewatch and Springwatch, but have you heard about Adderbury’s Speedwatch?
You may have noticed new road signs around the village showing a speed camera logo above the speed limit. You probably thought 'I can’t see a Camera Van?'
Well you were probably correct, but Adderbury no longer has to rely solely on the Camera Van.
The Environment Committee, working in conjunction with Thames Valley Police, and with some financial aid from our County Councillor Arash Fatemian, now has its own speed camera.
A team of volunteers from Adderbury, recruited by the Environment Committee, have all been vetted by Thames Valley Police are now fully trained in its use.
Prior to lockdown, the volunteer were active in the village at several locations including Aynho Road, Oxford Road, Berry Hill Road and the Milton Road by Henge Close.
As a result quite a few letters were sent out from TVP in relation to speeding, perhaps you know someone who received one?
The Parish Council is sure the village as a whole would like to thank these volunteers for being willing to put their time and effort into helping to tackle traffic calming in the village.
Obviously with lockdown in place there has been a temporary halt, but be sure our Speedwatch team will be back!

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