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Street Lighting

Posted 130 weeks ago (04/01) by Theresa Goss

The Parish Council has been approached by residents of the village with a request to switch off/dim some street lights in residential areas of Adderbury, between 1230am and 530am every night.


This is an initiative which is supported by Oxfordshire County Council, who are responsible for street lighting.  OCC has introduced a programme to reduce energy consumption and achieve savings in the cost of energy by replacing street lights with a LED solution, converting to part-night street lighting in parishes, trimming and dimming the operational times of the lights.

There are some areas of exception, which include Oxford Road, Banbury Road and Aynho Road, around The Green and High Street.

The Parish Council would like to invite comments from residents on this initiative to gauge whether or not this is a project which is supported and could be taken forward.


If you would like to make any comments, please email them to or write to the Clerk, Theresa Goss at 3 Tanners Close, Middleton Cheney, Banbury, OX17 2GD.


OCC's Part Night Lighting Assessment Guidance Note: -


The County Council has introduced a programme to reduce our energy consumption and achieve savings in the cost of energy by replacing our street lights with a LED solution, converting to part-night street lighting in parishes, trimming and dimming the operational times of the lights.


After carrying out a risk assessment we will be part-night lighting streets in residential areas (switching lights off between 12:30pm and 5:30 am, thus reducing operating hours)


Part night lighting can be considered as a solution towards energy reduction to be implemented. There are, however, the following ‘Areas of Exception’:

(i.e. areas that should not be affected by part-night lighting)


  • Principal Roads
  • Conflict areas (i.e. Roundabouts, intersections)
  • Street lighting which has been installed for accident remedial measures or traffic calming etc.
  • City & Town Centre’s where high pedestrian, cycling & vehicle movements come into contact with each other / CCTV sites / high security premises such as banks, prisons and detention centre etc
  • Main roads within residential, commercial and industrial areas
  • Sites which are considered high crime areas, and where the Police can demonstrate that there will be an increase in crime if the lighting is switched off.
  • Remote footpaths / alleys linking resident streets where there is no alternative route
  • Areas with sheltered housing and other residences accommodating vulnerable people.
  • Areas with 24hr operational emergency services sites including hospitals.


 Proposed implementation procedure

  • We will methodically survey our lighting stock, undertaking a risk assessment to identify street lights that can be converted. Wherever possible we will consider selecting whole streets for the conversion rather than individual lanterns.


  • Parishes councils will need to carry out the consultation with all residents to ensure buy in into the change of operation.


  • Consult internally with our Road Safety Team with regards to any concerns with accident remedial issues. Also, where lighting schemes have been introduced in order to reduce accidents, and where part night lighting would increase the risk of accidents again.


  • Consult with Thames Valley Police for advice on crime rates or if certain locations are under observation/surveillance and require full time lighting to maintain this.


We will monitor and review the effects of part-night lighting and take action where necessary. The only reasons for changing street lights back to all night operation will be: -


  • If the police, consider there is an unacceptable increase in crime or anti-social activity in the area over a 6-month period after the change and part-night lighting is identified as the cause.
  • If there is an unacceptable increase in traffic accidents over a 6-month period after the change and part-night lighting is identified as the cause.


Oxfordshire/Parish council will also be required to monitor the sites after a 6-month period to ensure that any problems are identified, and appropriate action is taken to remedy.





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